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“IMEX-CGI on the cutting edge of innovation”

About us.


IMEX CGI is a French company specialized in renewable energy production systems. Our company is divided into two distinct activities:  The energy consultancy division designs and manufactures street lights, solar and hybrid (solar / wind turbines) in business to business applications. Based in the Brest Technopole Iroise, we are present all across France and throughout the world for international scale projects.

Research & Development: Our multidisciplinary team of specialists in renewable energy, develop preliminary energy feasibility studies, system technical specification all the way to final implementation.

Realising a full renewable energy project, to materialise a successful project integrating renewable energy, it is necessary to analyse the fluctuation of different sources of energy, while taking into account the gap between renewable energy production and consumption. Prior to a project, we collect and perform advanced studies that detail diverse data (climate, topology, consumption, production etc) in order to find the most ideal and adapted system.

We design and manufacture in France solar and hybrid street lights with high quality LED lighting that does not necessitate any grid connection. Traditional public street light technologies linked to the grid generate high cost of consumption and maintenance.  Stand alone candelabras’ profitability immediately starts upon their installation. We propose customized solutions vis-à-vis the project requirements and needs, such as the climatology conditions, illumination need to ensure the sustainability of our stand alone street lights.

Our engineers are available to help you realize customized studies for various photovoltaic applications (self-consumption and self-production), solar thermal, wind turbine, stand alone lighting or high scale “Smart Grid” project.

Because durable development is not only about ecology, but also social and economic development, IMEX CGI offers you to realise local and reasonable purchases. This contributes to create further employment in France and more development of our local economy.