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Smart Grid system allows the optimal integration of renewable energy inside a network.”

Smart-Grid study

The “smart Grid” (intelligent network) is for energy what internet is for communications. IMEX CGI proposes services from the pre-study of a project to the creation of the specifications. Our expertise brings us the ability to deeply analyze in details the essential points, aspects of a project, technical analysis , schemes , simulation and forecast for production/consumption, Financial analysis, technical and economic report, etc.

Correlate production and consumption on site

IMEX CGI adapts the system conception to implement regarding to the consumption of a site wich need an installation for maximising the efficiency of the system. It involves to previously realize a study which take into account different settings: current consumption, geographical position, climatology data, load control monitoring, etc.

Decrease the kWh cost thanks to renewable energy

Renewable energy is an efficient and profitable alternative in terms of electricity or gas coming from public network. The cost of conventional energy constantly increase, to be equipped with durable solutions, it’s the logical solution. IMEX CGI brings his expertise to optimize the kWh cost that you consume.

Monitoring and following the global functionality of the system

For improve economies linked to the system by using renewable energy, it involves monitoring. In fact, monitoring systems permit to be aware of our habits of consumption and to adjust it to our daily consumption. IMEX CGI can advise you for sizing a system.
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“Take into account production and consumption, defined the optimal sizing of a system”

Self-consumption study


Self-consumption principle is to use generated energy (solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind turbine) to cover a part or the entire energy needs of a consumer.  However it is necessary to schedule the energy production and to analyze electrical and thermal needs of a project. Data and stated objectives will define the sizing of a system.

Cover your energy needs up to 100%

A study before a project is essential, defining the level of self-production, self-consumption, and coverage of a solar, wind turbine system is crucial. Calculate these rates permit to identify feasible economies and to dimension a system able to cover energetic needs up to 100% due to renewable energy.

Using storage or not

It’s possible to self-consume the production of an installation using renewable energy. According to the size of a project, the site’s consumption profile (hourly consumption) and fixed objectives, we are able to show you how energy storage can be economic (technically and economically speaking). When the production profile is in adequacy with the consumption, it’s not necessary to use energy storage.

Solar, wind turbine, hybrid ?

Geographical situation, environment, roughness of a site, orientation, “les masques” will define exploitable resources (field). Renewable energy is fluctuant and intermittent, coupling solar/wind turbine (hybrid) present a real non-negligible interest due to their complementarity. A climate study (see below) with implementation of measurement system is necessary for starting a project.
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“The autonomy and the lighting of a stand alone street light depend of the project”

Stand alone lighting study


Stand alone lighting involves diverse competencies from traditional grid lighting. Each stand alone lighting systems installation (solar and/or wind turbine) depend on the climate. It’s really important to realize a sizing system study adapted to the needs. IMEX CGI proposes together with diverse lighting design offices to calculate accurately each project specifications.

Requirement definition for lighting needs

We propose together with lighting design offices to dimensioned lighting solutions. According to the fixed objectives from the customer (level of LUX on ground), we determine the head light LED power, the implantation of bright points is the most appropriate for fitting the demand.

Autonomy of a street light

The autonomy of a street light solar and/or wind turbine depend of multiple factors: implantation of the candelabra, geographical area, power of the LED, battery storage capacity, etc. it’s necessary before the implementation of an installation to define which materials to use and which type of autonomy.

Profitability of a stand alone street light

Regarding to a traditional street light (sodium light bulb), a solar candelabra or hybrid is profitable and economical as soon as it is set up: no trenches, no monthly subscription to take in charge, no grid consumption.
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“The production from a RNE system depend of the resources’ potential. It is therefore necessary to establish a climate study…”

Climatology study


A climate study is required to a solar/wind energy project to lead it to success. In fact, each projects is unique (sun, wind exposition differ regarding to a site) and the climate study allows us to design an adapted system to your project. This study lean on a software internally develop (Preveol) and an on-site instrumentation? The study can hold out from days to months concerning the complexity of it.

Historical data modelisation

IMEX CGI develops tools (softwares of simulation) which permit to define the on-site solar and/or wind turbine potential from climate’s historical data. For having sharper forecasts, on-site instrumentation is also advice.

On-site instrumentation

IMEX CGI dispose of necessary tools for realize climate statements: wind measuring towers for wind turbine potential (up to 17M), professional data acquisition station, solar irradiance sensors, etc…

Implementation optimization

According to the results from a climate study (with instrumentation), we are able to advise you some implantation modifications from the initial one. The aim of these modifications is to optimize the production based on an implantation.


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“Nobody ever went bankrupt because too much was spent in training”



IMEX CGI is certified as an organization in the sector of renewable energy. We propose different modules: thermal solar, photovoltaic solar (self-consumption on remote sites and/or grid connected network), wind turbine, hybrid system (photovoltaic/wind turbine), and Smart-Grid solutions. We organise custom made training, and we can visit you for formation possibilities in you own company.

Solar photovoltaic

Different kinds of modules are proposed in this field: Electrification of remote sites and self-consumption on grid sites (with or without storage). The essential points for a successful photovoltaic project are: Consumption profile analysis, solar production study, different sizing system, correlation between production and consumption.

Solar Thermal

Different modules are proposed in this field: the individual and collective solar water heater and solar combined systems (ECS and heater). Essential points for a successful solar thermal project will be discussed: thermal needs study, solar production study, different type of system’ sizing.

Wind turbine

Different modules are proposed in this field: Electrification of remote sites and self-consumption on sites with grid connexion (with or without storage). Essential points will be discussed: Consumption profile analysis, measurement tools for energetic  potential, correlate production and consumption, different kind of technologies. (Vertical or horizontal axis)