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“Our expertise allows us to realize Smart-Grid sizing for company, an allotment, or even a district.”


   imex-cgi-smart-grid-projet-elhyra-03Intelligent network or “Smart-Grid” is a more efficient way to transport electricity. It is necessary to settle communication solution between consumers (residential, tertiary, industrial) and energy producers in order to prove these improvements.

The “Smart-Grid” network objective is to balance production vs. consumption and to optimize the integration of renewable energy to the existing facilities. Managing these flows includes loads shifting, therefore enabling consumption of solar production during midday peaks (peak shaving), instead of selling it to the grid. In turn, this technology supports the grid also during night consumption peaks by supplying the consumers with solar power stored in batteries.

From an environmental point of view, the “Smart-Grid” development allows governments to combat CO2 emission more efficiently. This challenge starts from the development and enhancement of electric vehicles as well as improving the intelligence of the grid infrastructure.

ELHYRA Project


Agricultural holdings’ energetic performance plan (2009-2013)

(Decree of the 4th February 2009, published on the JORF of the 8 February 2009) The fixed objective is to reduce the energetic dependency concerning farming facilities in France, by fostering self-consumption and to reach a level of 30% of agricultural farming’s low energetic dependency by 2013.

The main issues with renewable energy are fluctuation and intermittency. Production and consumption profiles linked to these sources of energy are rarely synchronized. However, some techniques can solve these problems by: using optimised storage systems, coupling energy sources (solar and wind-turbines), taking from the grid complementary power.

IMEX-CGI, with many years of experience in renewable energy, positions itself as the main investor of the ELHYRA project. This innovative project supported by OSEO and the administration of the Brittany region, obtained the cluster competitive S2E2 certification (Smart Electricity Cluster). ELHYRA project based on the use of different kind of renewable energy (solar, wind-turbine) combined with a hydrogen storage system. The “Smart-Grid” applied to this project allows to drive the storage and the production of different energy sources according to various criteria: production, consumption, meteorological forecasts.

Self-consumption of renewable energy: Photovoltaic / solar thermal / wind-turbine

With more than 1500 self-consumption studies under its belt, IMEX-CGI assists with all renewable energy: solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind-turbine system, etc. IMEX-CGI is able to study different types of architecture from the technical to the economical side. According to the consumption needs and production potential of a given site, coupling multiple technologies is possible in order to optimize the production profile of the installation.

Solar photovoltaic:

create electricity with solar radiation

Wind-turbine systems:

create electricty with the wind

Solar thermal:

create free heat with solar energy

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“Create electricity with solar radiation”


Solar photovoltaic

A solar photovoltaic installation permits to produce electricity by using the solar radiation. The necessary components are the photovoltaic modules and (On-Grid) inverter. However, concerning the intended use, some elements can be added such as: chargers (regulators) solar (MPPT / PWM), battery (gel, AGM, OPZS, Lithium, Redox…), supply inverter (or switch), Off-grid inverter, Smart-Grid inverter…

Between 2006 and 2011, incitation measures were set in place by the majority of European states, for boosting the photovoltaic grid connected market (sale electricity generate by the solar installation). Since 2011, electricity purchase price are constantly decreasing, therefore the photovoltaic market is currently deeply restructurted around the new self-consumption / self-production model.

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“Using the wind to create 100% renewable electricity”


Wind turbine

A wind-turbine creates electricity with kinetic energy. There are two types of wind generators:  vertical axis wind-turbines (Darrieus / Savonius / Maglev) and those with horizontal axis. Different kinds of configurations are possible:

“On-Grid” installations (injection to the grid)

“Off-Grid” installations (with battery, for remote sites)

Smart-Grid installations (coupling On-Grid / Off-Grid)

Realizing an estimation of the production potential of wind-turbine systems, involves consideration of multiple complex settings: On site climatology, ground roughness, topography, and environment.

IMEX-CGI provides instrumentation studies (mast measurement / telescopic / datalogger / data acquisition station) define the on site’s potential. By considering:  records, production curves of wind-turbine and some physic laws (Weibull…), IMEX-CGI defines the envisaged production per wind generator.

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“Ensure almost the totality of hot water needs thanks to solar”


Solar thermal

A solar thermal installation heats the water with solar radiation. This water can be used in order to cover a part or the totality of the sanitarian hot water (Individual solar water heater )or/and in heating CSS (combined solar system). Some solar thermal systems can generate steam and can be used for industrials applications. In most of the case, an installation is composed of solar sensors and accumulators which can be equipped with one or multiple exchangers. There are different types of solar sensors technologies:  the “plans” sensors and “tubes” (caloduc / upipe). Each one of these technologies present some advantages and also some inconveniences according to the type of applications.

IMEX-CGI, advices its customers by sizing project and by guiding them through the most appropriate technology.